Access profile

Students who want to study this bachelor's degree must follow the usual procedure of access and admission to the university by pre-registration, established by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The Interuniversity Council of Catalonia (CIC) is the coordinator of the university system of Catalonia and of consultation and advice of the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya in matters of universities. It integrates representatives of all public and private universities in Catalonia. The coordination of the processes of access and admission to the university is a strategic priority of the CIC, through which it is intended to ensure that access to the university of students coming from high school and over 25 years of age respects the principles of publicity, equality, merit and capacity, as well as guaranteeing equal opportunities in the allocation of students to the university studies offered by universities.

Also noteworthy are the Council's actions regarding the orientation for future university students to access the university, in particular:

  • Information and guidance for the new organization of university studies to be done with all the necessary prior considerations.
  • Transition from higher degree training cycles to university.
  • Presence and reception of foreign students.

List of access routes, according to the Guide to University Studies of Catalonia, in the process of admission and admission to the first year of any undergraduate study.